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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he told police saturday, he wanted to warn the president about the atmosphere. this is his ex-wife, sai man da bell. >> he needs the proper treatment to help him. he needs help. he's mentally unstable. >> gonzalez will be held until his next hearing, which is october 1. he is being called a flight risk and a danger to the president. at the federal courthouse, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> gonzalez faces charges of unlawfully entering the white house. the secret service was investigating what went wrong and what security changes needed to be made. it was the first order of business at today's white house briefing and our andrea mccarren was there. >> josh earnist described president obama as concerned and the secret service is considering a wide range of changes. including a possible expansion of the security perimeter around the white house. >> providing security at the
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white house is complicated business. >> still reeling from the most serious white house security breech to date, secret service agents armed with high powered weapons were an obvious presence on the north lawn. >> the secret service has the challenging task of balancing the need to ensure the safety and security of the first family while also ensuring the white house conts inueto be the lepeop's house. >> white house officials say the secret service began its review immediately after friday's incident and consider making serious and sweeping changes. in staffing, equipment, inside and outside the fence, along with other security measures. >> there will be a review of policy and procedures related to the assessment of threats. >> agents will also scrutinize any previous run ins with omar gonzalez. >> the most offense change has been implemented. from now on, when it's not in use, the front door to the
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white house will be locked. at the white house, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> pennsylvania avenue is closed to traffic in 1995 following the bombing of the bombing in oklahoma city and 19 years since, there have been 20 attempted or breeches. that list includes the toddler and the salahi's who snuck into a state dinner in 2006. and coming up at 6:00, why d.c. leaders will fight any efforts to expand security outside the white house. right now at 5:00, police in charlottesville are desperately searching for the man they believe was the last man to see uva student, hannah graham alive. jesse matthew is wanted on two reckless driving counts, but police want to talk to him about the disappearance of the beloved 18-year-old from alexandria. bruce leshan is live in charlottesville with the very latest. bruce, what do you know
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>> reporter: i wish i could tell you that police had found hannah graham who disappeared from this pedestrian mall more than a week ago. i wish i could tell you they found jesse matthew, who allegedly ditched police at a high rate of speed, but i cannot tell you either of those things. police just out with a new wanted poster for jesse matthew. he is charged with two counts of wreckless driving. police broke off a car chase on saturday and matthew has not been seen by authorities since. >> hannah is brilliant, resilient, determined, and loves life more than anyone else i know. everyone agrees, if anyone could get through this, it is hannah. >> police say jesse matthew is the man in the surveillance video on the charlottesville mall who passes right in front of the camera and then right after hannah graham walks by in the distance, they say matthew is the man who turned around and is following her.
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>> i believe jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. because it's been a week and we can't find her. >> police were just back at charlottesville home. serving a second search warrant. just as they have last week. but they have yet to announce that they have collected any physical evidence that puts hannah graham in his home or in his car. >> we need to find out what happened to hannah and make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> i know these girls. i know their family, you know, samantha clark, murphy. >> some sense of the pain hannah graham's parents are feeling. her daughter, morgan, was abducted and murdered in charlottesville five years ago. >> you wouldn't think so. that missing could be worse than knowing that your daughter was dead. but, missing and being in that
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limbo trying to swing on the pendulum between hope and despair. >> reporter: gil hairington hopes someone will find hannah graham alive. we are right next to the cop shop right here and we will let you know if there is any breaking news as soon as we get it. let's take it back to you. >> that between help and despair. it's a place no parent wants to be. bruce, thank you. today, police met with the family of sarah and jacob once more. the children now missing for more than two weeks. the question now is, can more be done to bring them home? wusa9's stephanie ramirez is in montgomery county with those questions and answers. >> took place inside headquarters behind me for three hours. he tells me they are pushing
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for something more. >> i looked into every single criteria and we meet it. there's no reason it shouldn't have been done. >> issuing an amber alert is what troy turner needs to do. the search continues for mismissing children, three-year- old sarah and two-year-old jacob. they didn't do so because the children's mother, katherine hoggle set on foot and any vehicle she may have used is accounted for. but, if there's a possibility the children are traveling with someone, turner says an amber alert should be out there. >> we were over the weekend and talking to people and we ran into a ton of people who had no idea what was going on. you know, for me, it was almost like we had a short time when we didn't get there earlier. >> over the weekend, two community searches took place in montgomery county, which included canines and an airplane, along with dozens of people searching the grounds on foot. but the children are still
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nowhere to be found. their father, troy turner, believed an amber alert will help bring sarah and jacob home. >> we need to bring every option to bring my children. >> spoke with the family when they got out of that meeting. it's up to state police to determine if an amber alert should be issued and police are looking over it now. the question is, now will it help? here in montgomery county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> right now on our facebook page, we have pictures of dozens of children. you can log on, take a look, and maybe you can help bring them home. some educators are in hot water after a teacher allegedly bit a student and the incident went unreported. prince william county police say it happened in woodbridge back on september 11. according to the police report, the teacher bit a 13-year-old after that student bit another teacher. the bite left marks. brown has been charge with assault and battery. police say the owner of the , n
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it. she was charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect. we are just getting iastar on wusa9 news at 5:00. trending now, why table side tablets are coming to a restaurant near you. we'll talk about that and other tasty topics coming up at 5:30. top. >> we'll talk about the beginning of fall and if someone flipped a switch and made it feel like fall. we are looking ahead to thursday. here's the forecast. giants come to town. geready, some showers are possible, mostly cloudy. game time temperatures in the 60s. we'll talk more about that and show you where frost advisories have been posted tonight. world leaders arrived at the united nations where president obama will make his pitch to stop isis. i'm alfonzo in new york. i'll have that story coming up. >> and right after the break, why the ravens owner says that report of the ray rice story, not exactly true. we'll continue when we come
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in response to the published report by espn's outside the line. is. >> it claims the ravens knew the extent of what happened the night that ray rice and his then fiance, janay, but they failed to act on that information. kristen berset is here with more on what was said in today's press conference. what did they say? >> this is an owner that usually lays low. we usually only hear from him at the beginning and end of the season. the number of what they refer to as inaccuracies forced the owner to address them to the public this teafrnoon. the ravens released this letter shortly before the press conference began.
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it picks apart the expose on friday and addressed the inaccuracies. coach john harbaugh and the head security, i have the letter if you want to see it, you can go to our website. now ravens owner addressed the media for about 45 minutes. he didn't come out with a prepared opening statement. he just began taking questions. he admitted the organization failed in doing its part for what ready to take all the blame. it is still surprising to him that the nfl wasn't able to get ahold of the video. and saying it was all influenced by those involved with ray rice's side of the case. >> almost everything in there is anonymous, but it's clear from the subject matter that there's -- it's ray's attorney. it's ray's agent, and it's ray's friends. and you know, they are building
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a case for reinstatement. and the best way to build a case for reinstatement is to make everybody else look like they are lying. >> now he raylesses that apologies are falling short on those critical of the organization. it's, of course, what they do going forward that will have the most weight. we also said no one in the organization is losing their job. now this is the letter i was referring to. it prints out to six pages. again, it's on our website. it picks apart every bit of that expose with statements from those involved refuting what was said. and also ladies, he said he has confidence in roger goodell. >> the only station with weather alert days, wusa9's first alert weather. >> and topper joins us right now for one of my favorite talks about the equanox. >> the beginning of fall. now remember -- >> woke up this morning thinking all about it. >> planning a party. >> yeah, party at my house.
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>> metrological fall is september 1, but as no fall starts when the sun is over. >> that just means equal day and equal night. that is the beginning of fall. now, as we go through into winter, as the earth tilts, we go into winter and then our friends in the southern hemisphere go into spring and eventually into summer. okay, live look outside. it's gorgeous. it's our live michael and son weather cam. it's 74. check out the dew point, 43. relative humidity 33%. i point this out, because that's about as low as we have seen it so far this season. probably going to be the coolest night this far also this season. so, keep your sweater handy all week. we have some serious sweater weather coming. fall appears to arrive at 10:29. bus stop temperatures 45 to 58. so a sweetser or sweatshirt, good idea for the kids and you,
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too, if you're at the bus stop with them. cooler on thursday for the game. some showers, even some rain possible. the only good news is the system may be pulling away from us by the time the game starts. future cast looks like this. 10:30 tonight, want to walk the dog, okay, for this map, there's no presip. pay attention to temperatures. pick out your city and look at the temperatures. at 6:00 in the morning, it's 47 in leesburg. 48 in manassas. 46 in gaithersburg and only mid 50s in town. so, pretty darn chilly. even at 8:00, we have upper 40s in the suburbs. mid 50s downtown. by 1:00, we're in the 60s. we haven't made 70 yet. finally, should be low 70s downtown and around 70 in the suburbs. and then by 6:00 tomorrow, low 70s to upper 60s and temperatures fall quickly tomorrow night as well. maybe not quite as low. by 8:00 p.m., we're in the 50s and gaithersburg and low 60s
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downtown. by 10:00, we're in the mid 50s in gaithersburg and upper 50 s toward leesburg and by 11:30, if you want to walk the dog, take a sweater. mid 50s across the board. so for tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but not too far. you'll get cold tonight. lows 45 to 54. talked about frost advisories, not making it up. there they are. franklin, could be your first frost of the season. low to mid 30s there tonight. tomorrow morning, sunny with a cool start. grab your shades and sweater. low 70s. it will be cool in the shade if you're walking on the wrong side of the street and you're in the shade, you will need that sweater pretty much all day. okay. let's break this down for you. the 60s and 50s to start. 58 at 9:00.
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68 by 1:00. pretty cool, but beautiful day. now still nice on wednesday, 75. and thursday for the game, yes, 73. some showers are possible on thursday. now the next seven days look like this. going to be warming up a little bit. in fact, after the showers on thursday, we're back to near 80 on friday. in the low 80s saturday, sunday, and monday. got the ravens in town on sunday. look at that sunshine and 82. >> the 69th annual united nations general si semibelie get assembly -- >> as the united nations general assembly gets underway. john kerry met with britain's foreign minister to discuss about militants in syria and iraq. >> we're going to focus today on isil, where we have continuing efforts to
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organization the coalition and plan the road ahead. >> more than 40 nations are pledging support in the fight against the militants. the obama administration wants to see countries that border syria, like turkey, play a bigger role as the crisis escalates. turkish forces used smoke grenades to keep kurds from crossing into syria where they could help fellow kurds fight isis militants. signed on to support the coalition, but washington says iran's participation will be extremely limited. >> the united states will not coordinate any of our military activities with the iranians. the united states will not be involved in sharing intelligence with the iranians. >> president obama will travel here tuesday to address the united nations general assembly on a number of global crisis. the fight against isis at the top of the agenda. the united states and france have been conducting air strikes against isis in iraq. alfonzo, cbs news, new york. >> again, climate change in
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the ebola crisis are major topics at the gathering. >> pennsylvania's governor is confident that justice will soon catch up with a suspected cop killer. investigators say eric frein ambushed a state trooper at a barracks back on september 12. now they self-taught survivalist has been on the run ever since. cops believe frein is in the woods near the site of that ambush. efforts by protesters in new york city to shut down the stock exchange were unsuccessful. they were trying to highlight the relationship between climate change and big business. all of this just a day before the u.n. summit on climate change. now government meteorologists say 2014 is on track to be the hottest year on record. jury selection today, the second trial of a man accused of killing a 17-year-old after they had an argument over his blaring music. it all started at a gas station in jacksonville, florida. michael dunn testified he felt
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threatened and fired his gun into the suv killing jordan davis. a jury already found dunn guilty of first-degree attempted murder. the jurors were deadlocked on the murder charge. supreme court justice officiated her first same-sex wedding over the weekend. it was between her former law clerk and his partner. retired justice, sandra day o'connor have previously officiated at the wedding of gay and lesbian couples. >> surgery just got simpler for certain types of back pain. details a little later in tonight's health alert. then right after the break, why people here in d.c. and around the world are leaving their cars in park today. you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00 live from broadcast house in northwest d.c. and we are back after this.
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driving you crazy tonight, those high prices at the gas pump. you can get a great deal located at wilson boulevard. you can fill up there for $3.29 a gallon. and in falls church, the mobile
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located at 6318 leesburg pike. if gas prices and rush hour traffic drive you crazy, then you ditch your ride this evening. >> it is world car free day. if you want to take part, you can take the metro buses, you can bike, you can walk. if you can't go car-free, but want to take part, you can share a ride with other people. reduce congestion on the road. >> i don't even own a car. for me, you know, it's full stops. that's what i do is public transportation. i think you can, go for it. >> you have to look at the global issue of climate change with the use of car, you know, and everything associated with it. it's natural resources. it only makes sense. is. >> today, 24 hour memberships will only cost you a buck. coming up at 7:00, martin has some surprising information
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about the number of people in d.c. who are car-free and no matter how you get around, wusa9 will get you through your commute. you can check out your live traffic blog any time of the day. you can see it on your mobile site or our ipad app and of course on new apps are helping parents keep tabs on their kids. a little later, how one tool is helping moms and dads breathe a little easier. >> and why you may see high- tech enhancements next time you go out to eat. a popular cartoon takes aim at dan schneider and how a group of friends made a special student
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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trending now, the restaurant industry is going high-tech. >> some casual dining spots are using something called this tablet. >> cogs customers and drinks can -- chiles is one of several restaurants using them. a similar tablet called presto. and 14 panera bread locations, they can order and pay. then the food is delivered to their table. people can also deliver their meal beforehand with an app. >> now i like this. it all sounds cool. chiles had this for a couple years now, but why the rush to get space age in the dining room? here is the editor and chief. >> i think the casual dining
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places do it for two reasons. one, it expedites the whole process and get more people in and more people out the door quicker. second, you cut down on labor costs. >> again, these are not made to cut down labor costs. they just want to enhance your experience so you are more likely to come back. let's hope it's not like the grocery store where they have those self-serve ones. i love them, but you feel the pressure to hurry up, because there's somebody behind you and they're like, you didn't figure out your code yet. >> i hate when it says operator error and you have to wait. note to them. don't let them happen. >> the redskins name change debate will be the plot of a south park episode this season. have you seen a clip of this? >> i did. really, really funny. comedy central released a preview over the weekend. here's a look. >> my name is dan schneider. proud owner of the washington redskins football team. in the name of decent si, i am asking that you please stop
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using the name washington redskins to refer to your company. >> stop, but why? >> you have no right to use our name to get attention. >> the trademark got pulled. >> don't you see that when you call your organization, the washington redskins, it's offensive to us? >> how is it offensive? >> it's derogatory, mr. cartman, it makes it feel like a joke. >> guys, i have total respect for you. when i named my company washington redskins, it was out of deep appreciation for my team and your people. >> we don't feel very respected. >> you can see how it can go both ways. south park nails these sort of hilarious situations that can come out of life. >> and that new season begins wednesday. i like this next story. a high school homecoming plot, which brings tears to lucky victim. >> senior, lillian goes out of her way to make people happy. no matter how the voting turned
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out, the texas student was going to win the homecoming crown. it was the principal's job to get lillian on the field. when another teen was named queen, lillian had no idea what was about to happen. >> honoring a very hard working senior with her crown. we would like to announce lillian skinner, please step forward and receive this honor. >> i was surprised. how is that possible? >> we basically ran for lilly. she didn't know. she keeps asking us, my name wasn't on the ballot. why me? because it was a surprise. >> they were tears of happiness. i never -- >> what a great moment between all the friends there. i like the crown the dude got, too. >> she has great friends. >> apple has set a new record this weekend. >> they sold more than 10 million iphones 6 and 6 plus
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models in the first three days of their availability. it took samsung a month to hit the 10 million mark. the new iphones are available in the u.s. and nine other countries. did you go check it out? >> no, i did not. those lines were making me crazy. >> i'm going to get the iphone 8. >> you're going to wait. let the bugs get all ironed out. you know, it's like i held on to my flip phone until i had to finally. >> my parents still have theirs. they love it. i don't know why. from norway comes the story of a meteorologist who broke a world record. because the forecaster now holds the world record for longest executive continuous weather presenting. she wearing her pajamas? she shattered the previous 24 hour record by staying on for 33 hours. she was allowed to take a five minute break every hour. the meteorologist, whose name
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is really impossible to pronounce, you can see it spelled. planning to celebrate by going out for a beer. >> she did a couple changes during all that. >> i think topper is jealous, because if we let him actually do that for 24 hours, 33 hours. >> it would be your dream. >> i didn't cover it -- i did cover every newscast, 72 hours during the blizzard back in '03, but not continuously, no. >> coming close. >> you have something to look forward to. i think you could do it, my friend. >> all by himself. >> it feels like fall out here. fall officially arrives arrives tonight. all eyes are looking forward to thursday. let's talk about the game forecast now. watch game right here on channel 9. 8:25, giants coming totown. it's an important game. i hate to say the third game is important, but i was looking at statistics today of teams that go to the playoffs when they are 2-2 and teams when they are
5:34 pm
1-3. you want to be 2-2, believe me. mostly cloudy, some showers are possible. tailgating temperatures will be in the low 70s. the game time temperature should be in the 60s. right now, it does not look like a lot of rain or showers, but it could be wet. okay. forecast lows, check this out. probably the coldest night so far. 46 overnight in rockville. 47 in sterling. even low 50s downtown d.c. even just barely 50 in waldorf and 48 in brandy wine. mid 50s by the bay and frost advisories out in the mountains. we'll show you that coming up. thank you, topper. coming up, find out why tony the tiger and tucan sam are on the endangered species list along with a host of other breakfast club favorites. and doctors can offer back relief with two small
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this month, we are talking about back pain and spine pain. disk degeneration is a very painful condition and it used to require an intense surgery. >> thanks to a newer procedure, relief can come with
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two small incisions. >> fairfax county has always lived an active lifestyle. starting in 2008, she had back problems that grew worse over time. >> when i had an mri done and the diagnosis was in a way that they suggested that i was going to have surgery. >> several of the disks degenerated to the point where she had to crawl out of her bed. >> i have trouble doing my job. >> the nerve pain that was created by the condition that i have was all the way down in my leg and i hardly could function. >> dr. john hamilton used lateral approach. he said the procedure has become more common in @ last five years. >> it's a minimally invasive approach that can clean out a degenerated disk and fuse it. >> it involves two small lateral incisions. the disk is decompressed and that relieves nerve pressure within the spinal canal. >> pain that is coming from
5:39 pm
the degenerated disk is alleviated. it alleviates deformity as well. >> this relief used to require an open spine surgery. the hospital stay is two to three days. >> they get their life back. >> which was welcome news for leonara, who started walking around the day after surgery. she was eager to get back to the lifestyle. >> i walk every day for an hour, and ride my bike whenever i can. >> the procedure is mainly used for patients who have extreme back pain. tomorrow at noon, experts will be here to answer your questions about back, neck, and spine pain. you can call starting at noon to speak directly with one of iowa nova's doctors. >> about 720,000 americans suffer a heart attack each year. and now a new study puts numbers on just how much a healthy lifestyle can lower a man's risk. researchers say four out of
5:40 pm
five heart attacks in men could be prevented through a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, and not smoking. experts estimate americans follow the lifestyle considered ideal for your health. but it is never too late to start. >> we know that even for patients who have already developed blockages in the arteries and have had to have open heart surgery or stinting procedures, maintaining healthy lifestyle can significantly increase their life expectancy. >> findings are based on research done in sweden. the study's authors examined more than 20,000 men between the ages of 45 and 79. they documented their health and their habit for 11 years. researchers at the uc davis mind institute says there could be a link between a shortage of iron in a mother's diet and their children's risk of having autism. mothers over the age of 35 were five times more likely to have a child with an autism spectrum
5:41 pm
disorder. >> researchers say dry roasting could trigger peanut allergies. the study showed more allergies. researchers say the roasting process causes chemical changes in nuts that could set off allergic reactions. >> why world health experts say why it's not necessary with 3,000 people dead from the ebola virus. plus, have you ever wanted to keep track of your child's mobile moves? well, now there's an app for that. we'll show you how this one
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge. well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken.
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken. parenting is a tough job, but technology is making it easier to keep tabs on your kids. new app can help you track their moves, monitor their messages and alert you when something is not right. tonight, a look at how one tool is giving some parents peace of mind. >> do you remember my screen name? >> got to stay one step ahead of them. >> suzanne's two sons have smart phones and other devices. she can't be everywhere all the time to keep tabs on their social media moves. >> i would like to be able to
5:45 pm
restrict the access at certain times of the day and not have to have a device locked up somewhere. >> how do i know what my son is down loading? >> enter code 9 mobile. code name says the parent is watching. >> the idea for the app came at a time when chet wishes he had been more in tune with a situation that hit close to home. >> my wife asked me one morning if i knew our daughter was being bullied. hit me like a 2 by 4. >> this father of two pledgedded to do all he could to keep his children and others safe. >> 3:00, every day, i get an e- mail. >> intended to be a family app to respect the teen's privacy and coach, but not catch bad behavior. allows parents to set curfews, limit access to their teens, and alert them based on certain words sent to or from their teen's smart phone. >> you can classify these alerts into curse words or
5:46 pm
threatening words. we want parents to be actively involved in following kids issues. >> a frequent contributor to washington parent magazine. she sees apps that help you monitor your children as a good resource when they are combined with open communication. >> you'll be using the apps and what the purpose is for. let them know that it's really much more about love and safety than it is about trust. >> suzanne says she doesn't expect to know every detail and every move her boys make, but, she agrees a family tool that helps protect teens is a healthier way to go. >> right now, code 9 mobile is only available for android phones for about $7. the app also allows you to view full messages sent and received on your teen's phone. you can set up alerts, but look for certain words in any language to keep your kids safe. >> today is car-free day.
5:47 pm
if you can't walk, bike, or use public transit, then you need your car and wusa9 wants to find the best and worse gas prices in your area. the most expensive gallon of regular is at the twin brook parkway. gas there is $3.69. now, the cheapest gallon of regular gas is at the liberty on rockville pike. there you can fill up for $3.27. >> cereal maker, general mills reported a 25% drop in quarterly profits and announced it is cutting 600 jobs. now even though cereal sales are down, american households still buy cereal. they are just eating less of it. >> he likes it. >> for decades, cereal was the champion of breakfast. peeking in sales in the 1980s. but between 2000 and 2014, cereal sales have dropped nearly $4 billion. down 29%. >> we seem to be eatingless
5:48 pm
cereal than we used to. >> nicholas studies food and consumer trends. his report, the cereal killers details how the american breakfast is changing. as baby boomers age, birth rates drop, which means there are fewer kids eating cereal. yogurt sales have seen double digit growth and eating on the go and snacking led to a decline in the sit down meal. also consumers are demanding healthier options. >> some of the cereal companies are trying to move their products more on trend by promoting the gluten-free nature of the product or the fact it has extra protein. >> new ads are also trying to attract families who don't normally choose cereal for breakfast. jim murphy is the president of general mills cereal division. >> we advertise on hispanic language television quite a bit more than we did previously. >> even though sales are down, according to general mills, 90% of american households buy cereal. they are just eating less of
5:49 pm
it. ad writer says the industry can bounce back if it changes with the time. >> they are responding by trying to take kids brands, like lucky charms and market them to adults. it's a play of the nastalga concept. >> the tiger, capt crunch, and tucan sam fas we have grown up with. cereal manufactures hope they will stay for generations to come. adrianna diaz, cbs news, new york. >> they just showed my cereal. check mix cinnamon. so good. >> do you put milk on it? >> honey nut cheerios. i don't want it soggy. >> what's the point? >> i have to have a spoon, i need to put something in the spoon. >> frosted flakes, the best part is when you are done and drink the sugary milk. >> no, no. and then you are a noncereal eater. >> i like rice krispie treats.
5:50 pm
i could eat it for all meals. >> maybe that's a new diet. >> it works for me. >> all right, we are looking as if somebody goes to switch. 86 yesterday and only in the 70s today. even cooler tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. and we're looking at a gorgeous evening. again, if you're headed out on this monday night, grab a sweater. relative humidity only 40. 33% with dew points in the low 40s. temperature only 74. winds are still up there. north, northwest at 18. they will subside tonight. so, keep your sweater handy, in fact, all week. okay. mild days, cool nights. fall officially arrives tonight at 10:29. bus stop temperatures, well, mid 40s to upper 50s. that's about 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so the kids and you alike will need a sweater and or sweatshirt. thursday will be cooler with some showers. so, we're going to keep an eye on that for the game time,
5:51 pm
8:25, hopefully the system will be pulling away from us by then. monday night, tonight at 10:30. got 50s already. walking the dog, it's in the 50s already. low 60s downtown and by early in the morning. 40s all over the place. this could be our coolest morning. 46 in gaithersburg. 47 in leesburg and mid 50s downtown. even by 8:00, we still have 40s in the northern suburbs and by 1:00, everybody is in the 60s. there's no 70s on this map. we get into the mid afternoon, 4:00, 72 downtown. around 70 in the suburbs. and then by 6:00, back in in the 60s in the suburbs. low 70s south and east. and 59 in gaithersburg. tomorrow night at 8:00. 62 in leesburg and downtown, it's 60s. walking the dog late tonight, you'll need a jacket as well. late tomorrow night, mid 50s across the board and still low to mid 60s downtown. so for tonight, clear and
5:52 pm
chilly. open the windows, but not too far. 45 to 54 for lows and yes, we have a frost advisory in the mountains and includes oakland and garrett county. could be their first frost of the season. low to mid 30s tonight. for us, chilly, not quite as cold, but a lot of 40s. 46 in rockville. 47 in sterling. 48 in fairfax. 50 down toward woodbridge and dale city. tomorrow morning, sunny with a cool start. grab your shades and a sweater. 45 to 68 and by afternoon, a gorgeous day. gorgeous. but remember, it's going to be cool in the shade. temperatures in the low 70s. if you are walking on the wrong side of the street, it's going to be cool. light jacket or sweater is a good idea. 50s to start and 64 by 11:00. 68 with sunshine by 1:00. all right, we will talk about the game forecast, mostly cloudy, showers possible. tailgating temperatures in the low 70s. game time temperatures in the 60s. so, next three days, nice on
5:53 pm
wednesday, 75. and some showers thursday, 73. monitor thursday for a possible yellow alert day. haven't had one of those in awhile. next seven days, warmer again on friday, gorgeous on saturday and sunday. great for high school football friday night. ravens in town. we're back in the low 80s this weekend and 80 next monday. all right, top. authorities release this picture of jesse matthew. they say he is the last person to see uva student, hannah graham before she vanished. well have a live report from charlottesville. >> a phone scam with claims the irs is coming to arrest you. i'm scott broom, coming up, how alert cashiers at this safeway help save some victims a lot of money. >> but first, as the ebola outbreak continues to sweep west africa. much-needed supplies are getting so some of
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
world health experts say more than 2700 people have died from ebola. >> and a disease that crippled west africa's healthcare system. but as elizabeth reports, doctors hope 100 tons of new medical supplies will help them in the fight against ebola. >> an international health crisis unprecedented in modern times. ebola, ground zero, liberia. this city, a hot spot as a sunday service comes to an end,
5:57 pm
parishioners washing up with chlorine. the threat of the virus ever present. >> quite afraid, because it is a deadly disease. >> this young parishioner lost 13 of his relatives to ebola, including his parents. the pastor tells his congregation, no shaking hands, no hugging. >> no. i will die. but i do not want to die from ebola. >> in the capital, a prayer before the dead body management team winds its way through the city slums to retrieve cadavers. but even these suits can't protect their hearts from what they see on the job. like a baby hungry for his dead mother's milk. >> i went in, i saw -- >> luca, the woman inside this
5:58 pm
bag, one of nearly 1500 people suspected of dying from ebola. the number of cases here up 52% in just three weeks. one major reason, many hospitals have closed down. afraid their staff will contract ebola. so the sick forced to stay at home where they can infect others. this new clinic opened just sunday. but when we arrive, no one comes outside to bring these patients in. too weak, they fall to the ground. thee people make a seven hour trip to get here and die outside the hospital. back, father king does his part, he stopped giving everyone communion from the same cup. >> have you saved lives? >> yes. >> his congregation awaiting the help promised by president obama. >> the news that america was coming in with the huge number of personnel, that is a relief.
5:59 pm
>> they know relief won't come quickly. for now, ebola is here to stay. >> and that was elizabeth reporting. independent health advisers to the world health organization say there should be no general ban on travel or trade, but countries reeling from an ebola epidemic in west africa. >> this is bruce johnson. d.c. officials today said they will fight any efforts to change the security surrounding the outside of the white house. i'm going to have that story coming up. >> police, still hunted for missing hannaha graham. still hunting for the last man to see her alive. i'm bruce leshan, i'll have the latest from charlottesville. >> police are calling on all business orders to help in the missing jacob hoggle. outside the headquarters with the details. we'll get to all those stories, but first, we are learning more tonight about the army veteran accused of jumping the fence with a knife and
6:00 pm
barging through the front door of the white house friday night. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. 42-year-old, omar gonzalez had 800 rounds of newly purchased ammo just sitting there in his car friday night. in court today, we also learn that gonzalez was stopped with a hatchet by the white house in august. the cops searched his car then, but didn't find any ammo. they let him go. the homeless vet is said to be suffering from ptsb and told police on saturday he wanted to warn the president about the atmosphere. his wife talked about his troubles. >> he needs the proper treatment to help him. he needs help. he's mentally unstable. >> gonzalez is being held until his next hearing in october 1. he has been called a flight risk and a danger to the president. >> d.c. leaders say they will fight any efforts by the secret service to expand e


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